Réflexion coranique No.298 Āyat 3 :114 – Se hâter pour les bonnes actions

وَيُسَارِعُونَ فِي الْخَيْرَاتِ Wayusāri‘ūnna fil-khayrāt Et ils concourent aux bonnes œuvres. (Soūrat Āli Imrān, No 3, Āyat 114) Beaucoup des différentes qualités des personnes vertueuses sont décrites dans le Coran. L’extrait ci-dessus fait partie d’un verset qui parle de certaines de ces qualités. Parmi elles, on retrouve l’habitude de se hâter pour faire le bien. … Read more

Quranic Reflection No. 541. Ayat 23:106 – The Excuse of the Misfortune in Life

قَالُوا رَبَّنَا غَلَبَتْ عَلَيْنَا شِقْوَتُنَا وَكُنَّا قَوْمًا ضَالِّينَ Qālū rabbanā ghalabat ‘alaynā shiqwatunā wakunna qawman dāllīn They will say, ‘Our Lord! Our wretchedness overcame us, and we were an astray lot. (Sūrat al-Mu’minūn, No 23, Āyat 106) On the Day of Judgment, people will give many excuses for the wrong they did in this world. … Read more

ALI-614: Role of the Imams, Part 1 (For women only)

This course will look at the various strategies used by the twelve Imams to guide the Ummah towards Allah through individual and social growth. The course will be based on the series of books ‘The Lives of the Twelve’ by the late historian Shaykh Mahdi Pishavi. This semester will focus on the Imam Ali, Imam … Read more

ALI-613: Managing Blood Sugars for Disease Prevention

South Asian communities are 6x more likely to have type 2 diabetes than the general population. In this webinar you will learn why South Asians are at a high risk for diabetes and how you can delay and prevent type 2 diabetes with lifestyle changes. Instructor: Sr. Anar Allidina        Fees: $15 Schedule: Wednesday Nov 10, from 10.30-11.30 … Read more

ALI-612: Practical Approach to Spirituality

This course will discuss ways of achieving spirituality in daily life. Instructor: Dr. Mahnaz Heydarpour                     Fees: $25 Schedule: 2 Saturdays, Nov 6-13, 11.00 am-12.00 noon Toronto time Registration link: https://academyofislam.com/registration/  

ALI-611: God’s Servitude, Man’s True Success, Part 1

Imam al-Sajjād (a) has said: Happy is he whom Allah aids in fulfilling the rights which He has made incumbent upon him. This course will go through the comprehensive narration on rights by the Imam known as Risālat al-Huqūq, using the lengthier version narrated in the fourth century book Tuhafal-‘Uqūl. The first part will focus on servitude through various … Read more

ALI-610: Arba‘een Ziyarat

This webinar will discuss the importance of pilgrimage to Najaf, Karbala, Kazimayn and Samarra. The course will focus on Ādāb of Ziyārat. Practical issues such as Salāt in the airplane, performing wudhū made easy, and complete or shortened (qasr) prayers in Iraq will also be covered.   Instructor: Sh. Hasanayn Kassamali                      Fees: $15 Schedule: Sunday Sept … Read more

ALI-608: Traveling the Spiritual Journey (for women only)

  This course will look at spiritual wayfaring and the different stages of the spiritual journey. We will discuss various verses of Quran and hadith that talk about the steps of this journey. Readings will be extracted from a) Stages of Spiritual Journey by ‘Allāmah Muhammad Husayn Tabātabā’ī. b) Spiritual Journeying in the words of Shia Mystics by Sayyidah Iram-Zahra … Read more

ALI-649: Quran Appreciation, ages 10 -12 (For Europe and Africa)

Students will learn about the conversations of Prophet Nūh (a) with his people, from Surat al- Hūd, verses 25-39. Instructor: Sr. Sukaina Kassam Fees: CAD 50.00 Schedule: Fridays Jan 14th – Mar 18th, 2022; 5 – 6 pm UK time. Registration: https://academyofislam.com/registration/