ALI-121: Why is there a special form of Azaa for the martyrs of Karbala?

The course will look at different forms of Azaa (Azadari) performed to mourn the martyrs of Karbala and discuss the reasons for holding such commemoration. The following forms of Azaa will be discussed in detail: Marthiya, Alam, Shabih, weeping and wailing and Ma`tam (latmiyyah). The participants will be encouraged to relate their personal experiences and … Read more

ALI-120: Significance of the Events of Karbala

Millions of people over many centuries have been inspired by the great and unprecedented sacrifice of Imam al-Husayn (a), his family and companions in Karbala. The course will look at some of the theological and ethical lessons which Muslims of this era can derive from studying the events of Karbala. We will closely study some … Read more