Nikah and Talaq Shar’i

ALI offers a range of services ranging from Pre-Marriage Counselling for groups and individual men and women, performing Mut‘a for facilitating communications between engaged couples, perform Islamic nikah, advice on Islamic marriage –  all these are done according to Ja‘farī Madhhab of Shi’i Islam. ALI also provides Marriage Registration with the Province of Ontario. Please fill in the necessary application forms.

Nikāh Application Form | Nikāh Khutba & Du’āNikah SeeghasMarriage Particulars Form | Muta Application Form | Talaq al-Shar’i Application | Muta Seeghas

Islamic Will Writing

ALI can help with preparing an Islamic will, answer questions on Islamic inheritance and advise on the various aspects of drafting Islam-compliance will.

Sample Will 1 | Sample Will 2

Sample Estate Planner Interactive


ALI can assist to resolve marital and family conflicts, advise youth on various issues, and facilitate good parenting discussions.