Bismihi Ta‘ālā,

The Academy for Learning Islam (A.L.I.) is looking for volunteers who can spend about 2- 3 hours per week and assist in various educational, research and religious projects being run by A.L.I. As we are commemorating in months of Muharram and Safar the great sacrifice of Imam al-Husayn (a), his family and his companions, it would be good to commit to helping noble projects.

If you need further clarification, then email to [email protected] or WhatsApp to 1-647-928-1350.

  • Hadith Database Project (HDP). We have collected over 25,000 Hadiths by the Holy Prophet (s) and his Ahlul Bayt (a) from primary sources and put them in an easy to search a hadith thematically at We need volunteers to promote this project and inform Muslim organizations worldwide about this service.
  • Sahīfa Sajjādiyya Project (SSP). So far, we have been able to present the Arabic text along with side-by-side translations of 68 Supplications and recitations from the Sahīfa, gather seven articles and publish Glimpses of Sahīfa Sajjādiyya. We need volunteers to gather all articles, blogs, slides and lectures on the Sahīfa in English and make them available at
  • Knowing the Ma’sūmīn Workbooks (KMW). A.L.I. plans to publish workbooks on the contribution, life and teachings of Fourteen Ma’sūmīn for children ages 8 to 12 years. Alhamdu lillāh we have already published the Workbooks for Bibi Fatima (a) and the first six Imams and need to complete the remaining seven books. Each Workbook has 40 pages containing short write-ups on a particular aspect of the Ma’sūm, engaging activities and puzzles which children can work with minimum supervision. We need volunteers to design activities and puzzles for the Workbooks and market them to parents in North America and other English-speaking regions.
  • Broadcasting Online Courses (BOC). For about fourteen years, A.L.I. has been conducting online courses and webinars on Quran Tafsir, Islamic Belief, Ethics and History, Hajj & ziyārat prep, and healthy living. Despite reaching out to hundreds of Muslims in tens of countries, we still receive complains that many people are unaware of this Distant Learning facility at A.L.I. We need volunteers to advertise and broadcast our online courses and webinars to English speaking communities and organizations worldwide. 
  • Marketing ALI Publications at GTA Centers (MPT). Alhamdu lillāh we have about twenty Shi’i Islamic centers, masājid and organization across Greater Toronto Area. We need volunteers to display and sell our publications at these places during major events and occasions for the benefit of the participants. 

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