Bismihi Ta‘ālā,

The Academy for Learning Islam (A.L.I.) is a registered Canadian charity committed to teaching and explaining the religious tenets, history and practices of Islam according to the Shī‘a Ithnā ‘Asharī school of thought.

The Academy provides inspirational learning through onsite and online short courses on various Islamic subjects. The courses cover a wide range of subjects including Tafsīr of the Quran, Nahjul Balāgha, Sahīfa Sajjādiyya, spirituality, Fiqh, Tārīkh, and more. Quran Appreciation courses are held for children to understand and appreciate the contents of the Quran. Courses are also held on practical and useful topics such as health, nutrition, parenting, Islamic Art etc. A.L.I. also holds Spiritual Retreats to help participants gain Islamic knowledge and spirituality in a fun and beautiful environment. (Note: During the Pandemic, only online activities are being conducted)

Other A.L.I. activities include Quranic Reflections sent out every Friday, publications, projects such as the Sahīfa project and the Hadith Data Bank project. More information on A.L.I. can be derived from our website www.academyofislam.com. A.L.I. is also on Facebook and Twitter.

A.L.I. activities cannot be done without the services of many volunteers who serve selflessly for this noble cause. The Academy has certain expectations from its volunteers. These include, but are not limited to:
a) Undertaking all tasks for seeking the pleasure of Almighty Allah (swt).
b) Displaying a high level of integrity and honesty when carrying out their work.
c) Refraining from forwarding or copying any work they do to anyone outside the team of volunteer of that task.
d) Performing the assigned tasks diligently and within the agreed time frame, to the best of their ability.
e) Giving a reasonable notice, say of one month, if they decide to leave or change the Task Team.
f) Volunteers under the ages of 15 years will be required to seek permission from their parents before committing to assist.

The following five sections at ALI require volunteers who can help in various ways. 

  • Advertising and Promotion
    a) Help spread the word about our activities to specific communities.
    b) Liaise with Islamic Educational sites so that they update our activities on their site.
    c) Contact Shī‘ī Islamic centres to promote ALI online courses.
  • Publications
    a) Help prepare activities for ‘Knowing the Ma’sūmīn’ workbooks. See sample pages at https://academyofislam.com/publications/
    b) Help prepare Du‘ā books for Islamic Months and Occasions.
  • Hadith Database
    a) Use our database to search for Hadith on a topic. Give us feedback on your experience.
    b) Contact Educational and Religious organizations who may be interested in linking the Database on their website.
    c) If you have working knowledge of Arabic check a few Hadiths from different books to see if the translation is up to standard. Search to see if the same book has been translated in a better way so we can replace it.
    d) Search for Hadith on popular topics such as women, jihad, fighting in the way of God, marriage, rights of spouses, etc. and see if the language sounds appropriate and politically correct. Otherwise suggest changes and we will contact experts of Hadith to append brief explanations to these Hadiths.
  • Website
    a) Go through the website carefully to check for.
    b) Suggest changes or updates that may be useful to make the website more user friendly.
  • Research Department
    a) Holy Quran: translations, tafāsīr and quizzes.
    b) Sahīfa Sajjādiyya Project.
    c) Nahjul Balāgha textbooks for Children.

For additional information or clarification, please email [email protected].

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