ALI-005: Learning to Read the Holy Qur’an

Many adults feel they cannot read the Holy Qur’an correctly or lack the required confidence to read in a gathering. The course will assist adults and seniors of the community to learn the reading of the Qur’an to enable them to fully participate in the Qur’an Khwani program this Holy Ramadhan, insha’Allah. Dates: September 12 … Read more

ALI-004: Reciprocal Rights in Islam

One of the salient features of Islam is that it caters for the welfare of all sections of society. Consequently, we observe that Islam recommends rights for parents as well as children, for teachers and students, for rulers as well as for the ruled, etc. In ALI 004 we will Insha’-Allah study in detail the … Read more

ALI-003: Lessons from As-Sahifat As Sajjadiyyah

This course will look into select Du`âs from the Sahîfa of Imam Imam Zaynul `Âbidîn (a) and attempt to derive lessons on spiritual, creedal and ethical aspects of day-to-day life. We will begin with five supplications that can be applied in daily life and end with a detailed discussion on Du`â Makârimul Akhlâq in the … Read more