Reflection No. 134 on Q 20:132 – Perseverance in Salaat

 وَأْمُرْ أَهْلَكَ بِالصَّلَاةِ وَاصْطَبِرْ عَلَيْهَا – Wa’mur ahlaka bi-SSalāti wa-STabir ‘alayhā And bid your family to prayer and be steadfast in its maintenance. (Sūra Tāhā, Āyat 132) Out of all the actions that Allah has made obligatory on us, none is as quintessential to spirituality and closeness to Allah as is Salāt. Salāt, i.e. the ritual prayer, … Read more

Reflection No. 133 on Q 5:8 – Justice

اعْدِلُوا هُوَ أَقْرَبُ لِلتَّقْوَىٰ I‘dilū huwa aqrabu lit-taqwā Be just, that is closer to piety (Sūratul Mā’idah, No. 5, Āyat 8) There are few things as important as the concept of justice in Islam. Justice, like the oneness of God, pervades all roots and branches of religion. According to Tafsīr-e Namūne, just as all beliefs … Read more

Reflection No. 132 on Q 4:128 – Reconciliation

وَالصُّلْحُ خَيْرٌ waS-SulHu khary; And reconciliation is better (Sūratun Nisā’, No. 4,Āyat 128)   The word ‘sulh’ means to make peace, improve a relationship, to help overcome conflict, and create amicability between warring parties.   This short sentence from verse 128 of Sūratun Nisā’signifies an essential truth. For human beings harmony, affection, reconciliation, are natural … Read more

ALI-248: Developing Hajj Spirit in Dhul Hijjah

Join us for a webinar on Developing the Spirit of Hajj in Dhul Hijjah. Many will be fortunate to go for hajj this year. Yet many will not be blessed with the same opportunity. The traditions speak of how a believer can aspire to the spirit and reward of hajj despite being in his hometown. … Read more

ALI-249: Quranic Sciences (Part 1)

The Academy for Learning Islam (A.L.I.) is pleased to announce a four session webinar on Qur’anic Sciences on Wednesday evenings. Understanding and appreciating the Holy Qur’an requires familiarizing some of the preliminary aspects about the revelation, transmission, recording, compilation, collation, etc. of the Holy Qur’an. In this online course the participants will learn, amongst other … Read more

Reflection No. 131 on Q 4:79 – Good and Evil

مَا أَصَابَكَ مِنْ حَسَنَةٍ فَمِنَ اللَّهِ ۖ وَمَا أَصَابَكَ مِنْ سَيِّئَةٍ فَمِنْ نَفْسِكَ Mā aswābaka min Hasanatin famimallāhi, wamā aswābaka minsayyiatin famin nafsika Whatever good happens to you, it is from Allah, and whatever evil happens to you, it is from yourself (Sūratun Nisā’, No. 4, Āyat 79).   Questions about (the origin of) evil … Read more