ALI-236: Du’a Makarim al-Akhlaq

Du‘a Makarim al-Akhlaq: A discovery of the Fragility of the human state and an Awareness of the Self This Du‘a is among the most powerful moral-ethical exhortations found in the corpus of the Twelver Shi’i devotional repertoire. The class will explore the spiritual and physiological vocabulary employed in the supplication. We will also explore the … Read more

ALI-237: Our Role During the Ghaybah of our Imam (af)

The believers regularly go to ziyarat of Ma‘sumeen (a) in Madina, Iraq and Iran in order to renew their oath of allegiance (bay‘ah). These are the places where some of the Ma‘sumeen have been buried. However, the 12th appointed Divine Leader Imam al-Mahdi (af) is alive but the Almighty has kept him occultation. In this … Read more