ALI-621: Empowering Muslim Voices: How to write and publish sharp news stories

Are you frustrated with the media’s silence around the war in Yemen? Do you have something to say about the hijab ban in Quebec? Have you ever wondered where and how reporters put their stories together? One of the most effective ways to counter problematic media coverage and re-shape narratives is to publish articles in mainstream news outlets. This two-day condensed journalism course is aimed at thought leaders, grassroots organizers and community members in a quest to increase the range of voices and quality of ideas heard in Western news outlets. Participants will learn:

  • The tenets of journalism, how newsrooms operate and what editors are looking for;
  • How to identify, report and write sharp news stories and opinion articles, with clarity, conviction and confidence.
  • Identify the pressures and opportunities in the current media landscape, and how to leverage them as a freelancer.

Content will be delivered through a combination of lecture, discussion and in-class writing activities. The first 60 minutes will comprise of a short lesson/lecture, followed by individual and group exercises. The remaining 30 minutes will be optional time for participants interested in Q/A/discussion/extra writing support.

Instructor: Sr. Shenaz Kermalli, freelance writer and journalism instructor at Ryerson University and University of Toronto.

Fees: $25.00

Venue: ALI Center, Unit 210B, 2535 Major Mackenzie Dr W, Vaughan

Schedule: 2 Saturdays, March 5th and 12th; 2022 from 2.30-4.00 pm.

Registration: CLOSED