ALI-008: Family Life in Islam

The family Life of a believer is an important part of fulfilling his/her responsibilities in this world. Islam has laid down many rules and recommendations for the family structure. In ALI 008 we will Insha’-Allah study various important issues in the Islamic family structure. Dates: November 7 – December 26, 2001 Instructor: Hasnayn Kassamali Resources: … Read more

ALI-007: Sirah of Prophet Muhammad (s)

The personality of Prophet Muhammad sallalahu ‘alayhi wa-alihi wa-sallam has fascinated millions of people for over fourteen centuries now. His life has become a source of guidance for Muslims since the Almighty sent him as the final messenger to human beings. In this course we intend to capture some of the important events in the … Read more

ALI-006: Arabic for Beginners

This course will cover the reading, writing and understanding of Standard Arabic for beginners. Dates: October 28 – December 16, 2001 Instructor: Zainab Khadar

ALI-005: Learning to Read the Holy Qur’an

Many adults feel they cannot read the Holy Qur’an correctly or lack the required confidence to read in a gathering. The course will assist adults and seniors of the community to learn the reading of the Qur’an to enable them to fully participate in the Qur’an Khwani program this Holy Ramadhan, insha’Allah. Dates: September 12 … Read more

ALI-004: Reciprocal Rights in Islam

One of the salient features of Islam is that it caters for the welfare of all sections of society. Consequently, we observe that Islam recommends rights for parents as well as children, for teachers and students, for rulers as well as for the ruled, etc. In ALI 004 we will Insha’-Allah study in detail the … Read more

ALI-003: Lessons from As-Sahifat As Sajjadiyyah

This course will look into select Du`âs from the Sahîfa of Imam Imam Zaynul `Âbidîn (a) and attempt to derive lessons on spiritual, creedal and ethical aspects of day-to-day life. We will begin with five supplications that can be applied in daily life and end with a detailed discussion on Du`â Makârimul Akhlâq in the … Read more

ALI-002: Understanding the Ja’fari Fiqh

Topics to be discussed Introduction to the origin and development of Ja`fari fiqh The emergence of the four madhaahib amongst Sunnis; founders of the schools and the differences between them Definitions and understanding of technical terms in Islamic jurisprudence Ijtihaad and taqleed in our madhhab compared to the Sunni fiqh The ritual purification: Why and … Read more

ALI-001: Introduction to As-Saheefah As-Sajjadiyya

Every student is expected to attend all the twelve weeks on time and bring an Arabic text of the Holy Qur’aan that contains English translation (preferably by M H Shakir) and The Psalms of Islam translated by William Chittick. At the end of every session students will be assigned some reading and the study of … Read more