ALI-001: Introduction to As-Saheefah As-Sajjadiyya

Every student is expected to attend all the twelve weeks on time and bring an Arabic text of the Holy Qur’aan that contains English translation (preferably by M H Shakir) and The Psalms of Islam translated by William Chittick. At the end of every session students will be assigned some reading and the study of relevant passages from the Holy Qur’aan.

The students are strongly encouraged to use other resources in print and Internet to improve their understanding of the course material.The course will cover a comprehensive discussion on the significance, role and authenticity of As-Saheefa As-Sajjadiyyah. This will be done using a number of articles by scholars of repute. The contents of the Saheefa will be studied using two approaches: a detailed discussion on a number of supplications individually, and a topical discussion on a few subjects covered in the work. The contents will be discussed in the light of Qur’aanic aayaat, Hadeeth and Seerah (life styles) of the Ma’sumeen (a).

  • Dates: January 07 – March 24, 2001
  • Instructor: Hasnain Kassamali
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