ALI-002: Understanding the Ja’fari Fiqh

  • Topics to be discussed
    • Introduction to the origin and development of Ja`fari fiqh
    • The emergence of the four madhaahib amongst Sunnis; founders of the schools and the differences between them
    • Definitions and understanding of technical terms in Islamic jurisprudence
    • Ijtihaad and taqleed in our madhhab compared to the Sunni fiqh
    • The ritual purification: Why and how does our Wudhoo and ghusl differ from the Ahl Sunnah?
    • Major differences in the Salaat: joining of prayers, saying of basmalah before a Qur’anic Soorah, saying of aammeen after al-Faatiha, where and how to keep our hands during qiyaam, and doing of Sajdah on clay tablet.
    • Zakaat and Khums: how do we differ from the Sunni fiqh?
    • Major differences in the rules of marriage and divorce: the concept of the temporary marriage and the definition of three talaaqs.
  • Useful Resources
    • Maghniyyah, Muhammad Jawad The Five Schools of Islamic Law Qum, 1995
    • Al-Musawi, `Abdul Husayn Saharaf al-Din
    • Questions on Jurisprudence, tr. L. Takim, Scarborough,1996.
    • Al-Samawi, Muhammad al-Tijani To Be With the Truthful tr. H. Najafi, Qum, 1997.
    • Al-Samawi, Muhammad Al-Tijani The Shia: The Real Followers of the Sunnah tr. H. Najafi, Qum, 1995.
    • Sharif, Mohammad Innocently Accused Karachi, 1991.
  • Dates: June 05 – June 29, 2001
  • Instructor: Hasnayn Kassamali

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