ALI-554: Developing Social and Emotional Intelligence in Children

The sense of self-awareness and empathy towards others are key in the development of Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEI). This course examines key factors in the development of SEI and the important role of parents/caregivers in fueling these qualities. We will draw from the lens of our Holy Prophet’s practice in this area. Instructor: Sr. … Read more

ALI-529: Drawing from Nature (Allah’s creations)

Students will examine the beautiful designs and textures in Nature whilst learning to draw realistic impressions of them. This is a great way to improve all types of art skills such as observation, composition and shading. Instructor: Sr. Alina Juma Schedule: Four Mondays Jan 20-Feb 10, 2020; 8.30-10.00 pm. Fees: $40 payable upon registration. Registration: … Read more

ALI-530: The Ahlul Bayt and Family Relationships (for women only)

The Holy Ahlul Bayt (a) taught believers how to strengthen and enhance their family relationships. This course will study what we know of the marriage of Imam Ali (a) and Bibi Fatima (a) and their family relationships. Instructor: Sr. Tahera Kassamali Schedule: Three Tuesdays Feb 11, 18 and 25, 2020; 10.30 am – 12.00 noon. … Read more

ALI-531: Themes from Surat al-Kahf

This course will discuss the ahādith from A’immah (a) and general guidance elaborated by the mufassirin about the 18th Surah of the Quran, including the benefits of the Surah. We will cover three narratives: 1) The Inhabitants of the Cave in verses 9 – 26, 2) Nabi Musa meeting Khidr in verses 60 -82, and … Read more

ALI-532: Nahjul Balagha for Children

This online course will introduce children to the wisdom in Nahjul Balagha. Students will study excerpts from the Khutbas and look at various Ahadith that talk about God-consciousness and good character. The course is for children 9-12 years. Instructor: Sr. Fatima Siddiqa Mohamedali Schedule: Two Saturdays Jan 11 & 18, 2020; 11.00 am – 12 … Read more

ALI-533: Debunking Nutrition Myths

Understanding what to eat for optimal health and well-being is very important. This webinar will help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to current nutrition trends such as keto, intermittent fasting, gluten-free foods, juicing, plant-based foods, healthy fats, detox and more. Instructor: Sr. Fatim Ajwani Schedule: Saturday Jan 25, 2020; 11.00 am – … Read more

ALI-534: Concept of Love in Islam

This course will explore the concept of Love in the Islamic Tradition. In doing so, it will discuss the idea of falling in love with God and loving others for the sake of God. It will also explore how the state of love in Islam is connected with other Islamic virtues, such as patience, courage, … Read more

ALI-535: Islamic Ethical Philosophy (applied to feminism)

This course will explore the importance of ethical philosophy in understanding how we see the world. In an era of post-modernity, navigating modern issues like feminism and women’s rights can become confusing. The key question that will be addressed over two weeks is: What is the Islamic philosophy of ethics and how does that help … Read more

ALI-536: Motivating the Self

Webinar for Ladies only. Motivation is the root of human progress or regress in the spiritual journey. We will look at different components of motivation and how a believer energizes internal motivation to move forward. Instructor: Sr. Tahera Kassamali Schedule: ALI 536a: Tuesday March 3, 3.00- 4.00 pm. Toronto time. ALI 536b: Tuesday March 3, … Read more