Lessons on Nahjul Balagha (CAD 12.00)

This book contains eight lessons on Nahjul Balagha for children ages 8-12 years. The contemporary style lessons include content from Nahjul Balagha along with reflective exercises to help children appreciate and learn from this great resource.

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Devotions for Rajab and Sha‘baan (Digital – USD 2.99)

All major acts of devotions (a’maal) and supplications (du’as) recommended for the months of Rajab and Sha’baan in easy to read Arabic text and side be side simple translation. This is the fourth revised and corrected version of A’maal of Rajab and Sha’baan originally published by Tayyiba Publishers.

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Adaab and Du’as for Daily Routine (CAD 5.00)

Dhikr of Allah brings peace and joy to the believer. Each moment of life should be accompanied by the dhikr of Allah, even the mundane, everyday actions we perform each day.

This book is a collection of du’as to enhance the remembrance of Allah each day of our lives.

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A’mal of Dhul Hijjah (CAD 10.00)

The month of Dhulhijjah is one of the auspicious months of the Islamic calendar.

This book is a compilation of the recommended supplications and prayers for the month of Dhulhijjah.

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