ALI-349: Education and Training in Islam

Raising children in modern times poses challenges to caregivers on how to conform to modernity yet remain focused in nurturing Islamic values. Questions are sometimes raised on what practices are useful to adopt while nurturing children in their primary years. With changing societal practices, it becomes necessary to engage in discussions that contribute to good practices. This course will look at Shahid Mutahharī’s book Training and Education in Islam. This course is open to all mothers, aspiring mothers, caregivers who have children in their care and anyone who would benefit from Shahid Mutahharī’s works.

  • Instructor: Sr. Shahnaaz Alidina
  • Schedule: Four Mondays, Mar 7 – 28, 2016 from 8:30 – 9:30 pm
  • Venue: MARC, 9000 Bathurst St, Thornhill, ON, L4J 8A7


Course Material

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Important: Registrations for all courses will end the night before at 11:59 PM EST.