ALI-585: The Concept of Spirituality in the Qur’an

The term spirituality has become very vogue in the modern world. Whilst some may move away from organized religion, they still yearn and speak of spirituality. Increasingly the term spirituality is being defined in a subjective manner, with no clear definition and no clear path. The Qur’an lays a clear definition of man’s purpose in life, and in particular his ability to experience the metaphysical world. In this course we will study the Qur’anic definition of man’s innate ability to experience the metaphysical world, the framework that the Qur’an offers on how to develop this ability.

Instructor: Sh. Murtaza Bachoo

Dates: 2 Fridays, Jan 15 and 22, 2021

Timings: 10-11 am Vancouver, 1-2 pm Toronto, 6-7 pm UK; 9-10 pm East Africa.


Session One slides – ALI 585 Spirituality in Qur’an_Ses1

Session One recording –

Session Two slides – ALI 585 Spirituality in Quran_Ses 2

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