Winter 2021: The Story of Prophet Sulayman (a)

Course Outline

Theme: The Story of Prophet Sulayman (a)


  • 1st Session: (Sūrat al-Anbiya Verse 78) – The judgment of Prophet Dāwūd and
    Prophet Sulaymān (a). Judgement according to Imam Ali (a). Discussions between
    parents and children. (Connecting Verses – 38:26, 5:49-50)
  • 2nd Session: (Sūrat al-Anbiya Verse 79-80) – Prophet Dāwūd and Prophet
    Sulaymān’s God-given talents. Glorification of the mountains and birds with Prophet
    Sulaymān. Understanding Glorification of Allah. Blessings of the Almighty.
    (Connecting Verses – 34:10-11, 17:44)
  • 3rd Session: (Sūrat al-Anbiya Verse 81) – Prophet Sulaymān’s control over the wind.
    The power of Allah over all forces of nature. (Connecting Verse – 38:36)
  • 4th Session: (Sūrat al-Anbiya Verse 82) – The Jinns work submissively for Prophet
    Sulaymān. Jinns and human beings. (Connecting verses – 55:15, 72:1-2)
  • 5th Session: (Sūrat as-Saba Verse 12) – The three great merits given to Prophet
    Sulaymān. Blessings given by the Almighty. Using God given talents. (Connecting
    Verse – 27:40)
  • 6th Session: (Sūrat as-Saba Verse 13) – The buildings and items made for Prophet
    Sulaymān. Importance of Gratitude. (Connecting Verse – 7:17)
  • 7th Session: (Sūrat as-Saba Verse 14) – The astounding death of Prophet Sulaymān.
    Death as a reminder of the weakness of all human beings. (Connecting Verses –
    21:35, 56:83-86)
  • 8th Session: (LAST) Session – Review and activities


1) Connecting Prophet Sulayman with Imam Ali (a). Excerpts/hadith from Nahjul
2) Understanding different perspectives in parent/child relationships
3) Appreciating and using God given talents

Prophet Sulayman – An Introduction

Themes from Nahjul Balagha

Introduction to Nahjul Balagha

Surat al-Anbiya, verse 78

Surat al-Anbiya, verses 79-80

Surat al-Anbiya, verse 81

Surat al-Anbiya, verse 82

Surat al-Saba verse 12

Surat al-Saba verse 13

Surat al-Saba verse 14