Tahajjud Salāt: The Spiritual Ladder (CAD 5.00)

Tahajjud Salāt: The Spiritual Ladder is a revised and expanded version of our popular booklet on the late night prayer.

It was first published in 2009 and later made available in iOS and Android platforms for use on mobile devices.

The new version has the Arabic text of all recitations with line-by-line translation in English. All Quranic verses and phrases have been clearly indicated in italics. The Qunūt of Witr has 17 beautiful and powerful short Du‘ās
and glorifications. The long supplications have been placed in a separate section at the end, allowing users to recite them if they have more time. This is a must have book for all those seeking closeness to God in the early morning hours.


$5.00 CAD