Sūrat al-Najm

Sūrah No. 53. Revealed in Makkah, 62 verses.

Merits of reciting the Sūrah

This Sūrah is among the earliest Sūrahs revealed and is known for its poetic form. It has a wājib sajdah (the last verse).

Whoever continuously recites Sūrat al-Najm, during the day or at night, will live a praiseworthy life among people. He will be of those who are forgiven and will be beloved to people. Imam Ja‘far al-Sādiq (a).

Note: Quranic Scholars say that the reward is connected to the contents of the Sūrah and requires that recitation be done with awareness, comprehension, reflection and having an intention of implementation.

General synopsis of contents

1) The true nature of revelation (vv. 2-6)

2) The event of Mi‘rāj (vv. 8-18)

3) The misguided worship of the polytheists (vv. 19-23)

4) Signs of Allah and an invitation to turn towards Him (vv. 31-56)

Selected Lessons

1) The Holy Prophet a never spoke of his own accord. All he said and delivered was a message from Allah.

2) During Mi‘rāj the Prophet  witnessed great signs of Allah.

3) Assumptions are very different from the truth (v. 28).

4) Those who focus only on the life of this world have very limited knowledge (vv. 29-30).

5) Human being will only have what he strives for (vv. 39-40)

Suggested verses for reflection and memorization.

1) 53:2-3 – He does not speak out of his own desire. It is just a revelation that is revealed to him.

2) 53:29 – So turn aside from him who turns his back upon Our reminder and does not desire anything but this world’s life.

3) 53:39-40 – that nothing belongs to man, except what he strives for and that his striving shall soon be seen.

Activities for self-study

Study verses 42-48. What qualities of Allah are mentioned in these verses? Find the names of Allah that correspond to those qualities.