Spring 2020: The Story of The People of the Garden

Course Outline

Theme: Story of the People of the Garden


  • Session One (Mar 27th) – Sūrat al-Qalam Verses 17-20.
    Introduction to the story of the people of the Garden.
  • Session Two (Apr 3rd) – Sūrat al-Qalam Verses 21-25.
    The plan of the people of the Garden
  • Session Three (Apr 10th) – Sūrat al-Qalam Verses 26-29.
    The response of the people of the Garden to the act of God. Initial reactions.
  • Session Four (Apr 17th) – Sūrat al-Qalam Verses 30-32.
    Later reactions. Turning to God.

Contemporary topics that could be discussed

  1. Selfishness
  2. Miserliness
  3. Evil plans and consultations
  4. Conspiracies
  5. Realization after difficulties/tragedies
  6. Blaming others

Each session will include a reading of verses in Arabic and English, an explanation, and its commentary. Cross reference to other verses of the Quran on the same theme may also be explored.


Download Notes

Surat al-Qalam, verses 17-20

Surat al-Qalam, verses 21-25

Surat al-Qalam, verses 26-29

Surat al-Qalam, verses 30-32