Reflection No. 75 on Q 20:84 – Haste towards meeting your Lord

وَعَجِلْتُ إِلَيْكَ رَبِّ لِتَرْضَى

I hastened toward You, my Lord, so that You might be pleased
Sura Taha, verse 84

When Nabi Musa (a) goes to get the rules of the Tawrat from Allah, and is accompanied by a group of the Bani Israel, he goes ahead of them and reaches the appointed place while his people are still behind. Allah asks him why he has rushed ahead of his people. He replies with the above verse, saying he has rushed to God so that God may be pleased with him.

The words of Nabi Musa (a) denote an excitement at the meeting with the Lord. He cannot wait for his people who are lagging behind. He wants to start his Munajaat with Allah, and is elated at the opportunity of speaking to God. His love for Allah is evident in his haste towards the meeting place.

Haste is usually disliked. It shows impatience, unpreparedness, is vulnerable to errors, and is considered to be from the Shaytan. But there are some places where haste is recommended, even emphasized. One of them is to hasten towards Salaat. A believer hurries towards a chance to talk with God. He anticipates it eagerly, and is keen to immerse himself in the spiritual joy that comes from communicating with God.

Recite this verse as you prepare for Salaat. Rush towards it with an excitement at the joy you are about to savor, and remember the words of Nabi Musa (a). His eagerness might affect you too, and you will find a new zest to the worship you perform daily.