Reflection No. 73 on Q 19:4 – Certainty in supplicating to God

وَلَمْ أَكُنْ بِدُعَائِكَ رَبِّ شَقِيًّا

I have never been disappointed, my Lord, in my prayers to You.
Sura Maryam, verse 4

These are the words of Nabi Zakaria (a) as he prays for a son. I am old and feeble, he says, and my hair has turned white. It seems unlikely that I can now have a child. But I am praying to you and have certainty that you will answer my prayer. I have never been disappointed before, and I do not expect to be disappointed now

This type of certainty in supplicating to God has lots to teach us. When you ask something from God, do it with full faith that you will be answered. Have confidence in your prayer, and in the ability of God to fulfill wishes that seem practically impossible. Nothing is impossible for God, He is the Creator of causes and can cause things to happen in unanticipated ways.

To pray with such sincere faith and hope is to pray expecting success. That is the secret. If you are positive and expect success, success is bound to come your way. Allah will act with His servant according to his expectations of Him. Have high hopes of Him, be confident and expect the best from Him, and you will see how your prayers will be answered in unforeseen ways.

Recite this verse after you have asked for your wishes, and remember the prayer of Nabi Zakaria (a). Take inspiration from him and follow his Adaab and etiquette of praying. You will not be disappointed.