Reflection No. 58 on Q 3:190-191 – People Who Understand

Most surely in the creation of the heavens and the earth
and the alternation of the night and the day
there are signs for a people who understand.
Those who remember Allah standing and sitting and lying on their sides
and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth
Our Lord! You have not created this in vain!
Glory be to You; save us then from the punishment of the fire:

(Holy Qur’an, aal-Imran, 3:190-191)

Questions for Reflection

1)  What signs are mentioned in this verse? Illustrate your answers


2) What are the qualities of a people who understand?

3) What makes them think that the world was not created in vain?

4)  What do they think is the purpose of life?


5) Why do they ask to be saved from the Fire, after they understand the purpose of life?

6) If a person from the people of understanding woke up in the middle of the night, and looked out of his window, what would he think about? In a box, write and draw a picture for your answer.