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Each Workbook has 40-pages of easy to read passages for children ages 8 – 12 years to learn without supervision through activities, coloring and answering quizzes on the biographical details about a Ma‘sūm, his/her teachings, life-examples and contributions. So far eleven workbooks have been published and inshāAllah we plan to complete the set before the end of next year.  Because of steep shipping and postage charges, many children outside Canada could not benefit from these workbooks.  Now Mu’minīn worldwide can download a digital copy of these books and print pages in accordance with the ages of their children.

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Every Friday we send out a brief insight on a Quranic verse based on our reflections of the verse after drawing material from renown tafāsīr such as ‘Allamah Tabātabā’ī’s Al-Mīzān fi Tafsīr al-Qur’ān, Shaykh Tabarsi’s Majma’ al-Bayān and Ayatullāh Makarem Shirāzī’s Tafsir-e Namūneh. The following two booklets are collection of Thirty Quranic Reflections each Human Relations with the Divine and Qualities for Personal Development, respectively.

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Please contact our agents in different cities for purchasing our publications. Please contact us if you would like to be an agent for us for wider distribution of our books in your area

For questions regarding ALI Publications email [email protected]