Lesson Plan on Hajj


Children should learn:

  • that religious beliefs, ideas and feelings can be expressed in a variety of form
  • that pilgrimage in Islam is consists of various rituals carried out in a specific order and at a specific time.


  • What is the difference between an ordinary journey and a pilgrimage journey?
  • What would it feel like to be a pilgrim?
  • Use posters and photographs to describe the stages of the Hajj and the symbolism.
  • Ask the children to write an article about a family going on Hajj, explaining the significance of this event for them.


  • Pictures of the various places pilgrims visit during Hajj (see power point presentation)
  • Picture books on Hajj (see Resources)
  • Activity sheets on Hajj


Children can:

  • recount the events and the purpose of the Hajj
  • explain the symbolism of the Hajj