Islamic Books

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Islamic Books


One Thousand roads to Mecca

Ten centuries of Travellers writing about the Muslim Pilgrimage

Author: Michael Wolfe

Publisher: Grove Press

Subjects: Islam, Hajj

The Hajj has always fascinated people. The power of this ritual that is the world’s largest annual gathering is intriguing. People are curious to know more about it. Those who have been wish to relive the experience through the eyes of others.

This book is a collection of excerpts from the writings of observant travellers like Ibn Batutta, Malcolm X, Muhammad Asad, Michel Wolfe and many others. Their personal account of the journey of Hajj gives a glimpse of how the Hajj has been over the centuries.

A book worth reading for an enriching reminder of the spiritual experience of Hajj.

Ghadeer e Khum Where The Religion Was Brought To Perfection

Author: Dr. Hasan Najafi

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Subjects: Islam, Ghadeer e Khum

The event of Ghadir is a hugely significant event for Muslims. It has been recorded in Shia and Sunni sources and has been narrated by so many narrators that it is considered indisputable by Muslims. Perhaps no other event in Islamic history has been recorded by so many, with such enthusiasm and zeal.The event perfected and completed religion by identifying the successor to the Holy Prophet (s) so that a Divinely guided guide would always remain on Earth.

This book gives a glimpse of the journey leading up to the monumental event and discusses what happened during it. The verses revealed, the announcements made by the Prophet (s) and the celebrations that followed have all been recorded. The book also includes the interpretation of the Hadith by Sunni scholars as well as the names of famous Sunni scholars who have mentioned it in their works.

A simple, brief, but comprehensive reading on the topic.