Fall 2019: Story of Prophet Musa (a)

Course Outline

Theme: Prophet Mūsā (a) in the Quran.

Main Topics

  1. Conflict between Truth and Falsehood.
  2. The arrogance of tyrants
  3. Birth of Prophet Mūsā (a) and his upbringing
  4. Encounter with the
  5. Departure from Egypt
  6. Arrival at Madyan
  7. Prophethood
  8. In the court of Fir‘awn (Pharaoh)


  • Term 1 – Sūrat al-Qasas, verses 1-14
  • Term 2 – Sūrat al-Qasas, verses 15-28
  • Term 3 – Sūrat al-Qasas, verses 29-41

Cross reference verses from other Sūras on the same topics will also be discussed.

Contemporary topics that could be discussed

  1. Oppression around the world
  2. Standing up for the truth
  3. Family relationships
  4. Anger and its consequences
  5. Conversations with God
  6. Handling Fear

Each session will include a reading of verses in Arabic and English, an explanation, and its commentary. Cross reference to other verses of the Quran on the same theme may also be explored.