Day 20 – Sūrat al-Qadr

Brief Info
Sūrat al-Qadr, No. 97. Revealed in Makkah, 5 verses.

Merits of reciting the Sūra.
The Prophet sallal-lāhu ‘alayhi wa-ālihi wasallam has said: Whoever recites it will get the reward of one who fasted in the month of Ramadan and stayed up [for worship] on the night of Qadr.

According to scholars such a status will be for those who understand and act on the contents of the sūra.

Synopsis of contents
The Quran was revealed in two different ways. It was sent down instantaneously to the heart of the Prophet (s) on the night of Qadr. And it was revealed gradually to the Prophet (s) for conveying to the people over a period of 23 years.
1) Instantaneous revelation of the Quran (verse 1)
2) Greatness of the night of Qadr (verses 2-3)
3) The descent of angels (verse 4)
4) Peace throughout the night. (verse 5)

Some Lessons from the Sūra
1) Allah ‘azza wajall gives believers opportunities such as the night of Qadr to intensify spiritual progress and accelerate in the journey towards Him.
2) The angels descend to the earth bringing Allah’s decree and present it to His representative on earth, the Imam of the time.
3) The night of Qadr is a unique spiritual night that brings peace and safety for the soul.

Select verses for memorization in Arabic and English.
It is advisable that the entire sūra be memorized and often recited in the prayers.

Activity for self-study
This sūra tells us about the significance of the night of Qadr. To read more about this night, check:
Short read –
Long read –

Āyatullāh Nāsir Makārim Shirazi (Ed.) Tafsīr Namūne; M. H. Shakir, Holy Qur’an Translation; Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’an With a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation.

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