ALI 657: Living Islam through Combating the Self

This course on Zoom is designed to give a 15-minute spiritual dose daily during the Holy Month of Ramadan. We will InshāAllah discuss 2 -3 Hadiths on Jihād bin-Nafs from Wāsā’il al-Shī‘ah of Hurr al-‘Āmilī and see how we can implement them in Living Islam.

Instructor: Shaykh Hasanayn Kassamali

Dates: 23rd March to 20th April 2023

Timings: Karachi 3 pm, Dubai 2 pm, Dar-es-salaam 1 pm, London 11 am, NY/Toronto 6 am. The time may change after 15th Ramadan; stay tuned

Fees: No fees, but donations to the Academy are welcome


PLEASE NOTE: Registration indicates an agreement to attend classes on time

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