ALI 655: Esoteric Foundations of the Shia Faith (Ladies Only)

This course will look at the spiritual depths of Shia Islam and discuss the inner meanings of some of the essential elements of Shī’ite faith and practices. Appreciation for the Shia faith and answers to its critics can only be resolved when we look at its spiritual realms. The sessions will help students understand more of these realms. The course will be based on the book “Shiite Islam: Orthodoxy or Heterodoxy?” by Luis Alberto Vittor (

Schedule: 3 Tuesdays – Feb 7, 14 and 28, 8-9 pm

Instructor: Sr. Tahera Kassamali

Location: Nursery, Jaffari Community Centre, 9000 Bathurst street, Thornhill ON

Fees: $30


PLEASE NOTE: Registration indicates an agreement to attend classes on time

Course Outline