ALI-572: Knowledge of the Unseen in the Qur’an and Shia Traditions

The course will introduce the students to the concept of ‘ilm al-ghayb (knowledge of the unseen) in the Qur’an. Students will study whether knowledge of the ghayb is limited to Allah (S) or possible for Prophets and other human beings. We will analyze the extent of the Prophet’s (s) and the Imam’s (a) knowledge of the Ghayb and to what extent they acted upon it according to Shia traditions.

Instructor: Sh. Murtaza Bachoo

Dates: 2 Fridays, Oct 23 and 30

Timings: 12 noon-1 pm Vancouver, 3-4 pm Toronto, 8-9 pm UK


Session One

Slides – ALI 572 Ilm al-Ghayb Ses1

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Session Two

Slides – ALI 572 Ilm al-Ghayb_Ses2

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