ALI-524: Arbaeen – a civilizational perspective towards a God-Centered global society

The annual commemoration of the fortieth of the martyrdom of the Martyrs of Karbala embodies ‘latent’ energy of spiritual and civilizational proportions. It lays the groundwork for the cultural, moral, social and political transformation of humanity. In this course, we hope to explore the multiple dimensions of human potential activated in the event of ‘Arbaeen’ and study textual and spiritual sources on how to navigate through and enhance the personal and social experience of this glorious gathering.

Instructor: Sh. Assad Dharsi
Schedule: Wednesday Oct 2, 2019; 8.30-10.30 pm Toronto time.

Course Slides: ALI 524 Arbaeen – a civilizational perspective

Important: Registrations for all courses will end the night before at 11:59 PM EST.