ALI-497: Ziyarat 1440 AH Webinar

This webinar will discuss the importance and etiquette of pilgrimage to Karbala, Kazimayn, Mashhad, Najaf, Qum & Samarra. The course will focus on connecting spiritually to the Imams who are visited and the main aadaab of Ziyarat. Practical issues such as Salat in the airplane, performing wudhu made easy, and complete or shortened (qasr) prayers in Iraq will also be covered.

Note: The online classroom will open 10 minutes before the session begins. If you prefer to listen to the presentation without viewing the slides call 1-437-886-9122 and enter using PIN 037 7588#. All timings are for Toronto/New York City. Please ensure to get corresponding timing for your local city/town.