ALI-348: Glimpses into the Sermon of Lady Fatima (a)

The Sermon of Lady Fatima (a) for Fadak is one of the most important legacies left behind the household of the Holy Prophet (s). Not only is it a demonstration of the eloquence of Lady Fatima (a), but it is a sermon which is powerful in terms of its message; focusing on the principles and foundations of religion, offers insight into the philosophy of religious laws, and most importantly, speaks out against the unjust authorities of her time. This webinar will take a look at the transmission of the sermon, its importance in early Islamic history, and will reflect on important lessons that we can derive from it.

  • Instructor: Sh. Faiyaz Jaffer
  • Schedule: Sat Feb 27, 2016; 2:30 – 3: 30 pm NY/Toronto time

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