ALI-215: Qur’anic Arabic – Understanding the Divine Message

This course will cover lessons from the book Access to Qur’anic Arabic by AbdulWahid Hamid as well as handouts prepared from various sources including Arabic Through the Qur’an by Alan Jones and Qur’anic Language Made Easy by Hafza Iffat Hasan. Students will understand the basics of Arabic grammar as well as gain familiarity with the vocabulary of the Qur’an. Level 2 will start with revision of the previous level. Students who have not attended Level 1 but are familiar with a little Arabic are welcome to attend.

  • Dates: 6 sessions; Saturday mornings, Sept. 15 – Oct. 20, 2012
  • Timings: 12.00 noon – 1.00 p.m
  • Instructor: Hasnayn Kassamali
  • Eligibility: All Muslims ages 15+
  • Venue: Room B045 (Seminar Room), JCC 9000 Bathurst Street, Thornhill, ON