ALI-077: Three Islamic Courses

The program will provide basic information on Tawheed, History of the Prophet and Islamic ethics (Akhlaaq). The Akhlaaq course will cover the art of interacting with each other and answer questions on Islamic etiquette of communication. The history course will tackle certain events from the Prophet’s (s) life and the lessons to be derived by youngsters in this day and time. The course on Tawheed will cover lessons on the fundamental belief in Allah (swt) and His attributes from the book “Aqa’id al-Imamiya.”

  • Tawheed
    • Islamic belief in Allah subhaanahu wa ta`aalaa
    • Allah’s absolute Oneness
    • The Attributes (sifaat) of Allah
  • Akhlaaq
    • Controlling anger and rage.
    • How to communicate with others such they listen to us?
    • Interacting between elders and youngster.
    • Merits of patience (sabr) and ways of implementing it.
    • Loving fellow believers, human beings and other creatures of Allah.
  • History
    • The Companions and their significant role during the Prophet’s life.
    • Why so many battles during the time of the Prophet? Lessons to derive.
    • Hypocrites and their role in harming the unity of Muslims.
    • The Holy Prophet would always remain uswatun hasanah
  • Details
    • Instructor: Shaykh Ismail abu Murtadha
    • Dates: 8 sessions from Wednesday 18th Jamadiul Awwal 1425/7th of July to Thursday the 4rth of Jamadi ath-Thani/22nd July 2004.
    • Duration and days:
      • Wednesdays: 5:45 -8:00 p.m.
      • Thursdays: 5:00 -7:15 p.m.
    • Eligibility: All Shi’ah Muslim Sisters from ages of 13 and 30.
    • Fees: $25 per person payable in the first week of the program.
    • Venue: Al-Kawthar Islamic Centre, 8550 123st Surrey, BC.
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Important: Registrations for all courses will end the night before at 11:59 PM EST.