ALI-035: Ilâhiyât in Nahjul Balâgha

The belief in God and His attributes are the bedrock of Islamic teachings. In fact, no other religious, theological, or philosophical notion even approaches the fundamental significance of the question of God. As Muslim scholars have pointed out, even the second most important Islamic belief of Ma’âd (The Day of Resurrection) should also be understood in light of the question of Mabda (The Beginning). To introduce a wide range of audience to some of most essential aspects of the idea of God in Islam, a short course has been designed around the first sermon of Mawlâ Imam Ali (a.s) in Nahjul Balâgha. Even though the focus of the course is on Imam’s sermon, we will refer to Qur’ânic verses and other traditions narrated from Ma`sûmîn. This course should be interesting for various kinds of interests and different levels of knowledge. Everyone- from those who like to deepen and support their faith in God to those who are skeptic and want to know if there is any truth in the religious belief in God- is welcome to attend the class.

  • Instructor: Dr. S. Mohammad Soleimanpanah
  • Dates: February 2 – 23 (both dates included)
  • Timings: Sunday afternoons, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.
  • Venue: Academy for Learning Islam office, #203, 6191 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC (corner of Westminster Hwy & No. 2)
  • Eligibility: Shi`ah Ithnaa Ashari Muslims ages 20 and over
  • Recommended Donation: $30.00 per person