Day 7 – Sūrat Sād – Part 1 (verses 1-44)

Familiarization with Quranic Sūras

Month of Ramadan 1441 – Day 7

Sūrat Sād – Part 1 (verses 1-44)

Sūra Information
Sūrat Sād, No.38, Revealed in Makkah, 88 verses.
It takes its name from the letter in the beginning of the Sūra.
The Sūra is said to be a supplement for Sūrat al-Sāffāt (#37) as the structure and theme of the two sūras are remarkably similar. It is mustahab to perform sajdah after reciting verse 24 of this sūra. Altogether there are 11 verses in the Quran after which it is recommended to prostrate. These are: 7:206, 13:15, 16:49, 17:107, 19:58, 22:18 & 77, 25:60, 27:25, 38:24, and 84:21.

Sūra Significance
Whoever recites Sūrat Sād will be given the reward of good equal to every mountain which was under the control of Prophet Dāwūd (a), and Allah will protect him from major and minor sins.
Holy Prophet (s)
Scholars suggest that such a reward can come from understanding and implementing the message of the Sūra in one’s life and we pray to be granted the tawfīq.

Synopsis of contents
1) The opposition of the polytheists to the concepts of tawhīd and nubuwwah. (verses 2-14)
2) Narrations of the lives of nine Prophets of God. The Prophets Dāwūd, Sulaymān and Ayyūb, peace be upon them, are discussed in more detail than the others. (verses 15-48)
3) The rewards and punishments in the Hereafter, along with the disputes of the disbelievers on the Day of Judgment. (verses 49-64)
4) The Prophet (s) as a warner for mankind. (verses 65-70)
5) Creation of the human being, the prostration of the angels to Adam (a) and the disobedience of Iblīs. (verses 71-83)
6) Warnings to the stubborn enemies of the Prophet (s) and a reassurance and consolation for him. (verse 84-88)

Important Messages
1) The pride of the disbelievers often made them reject a Prophet (s) who came from among themselves. (verse 4)
2) Human beings have no control over who Allah (swt) chooses to bless from His mercy (verse 9-10)
3) The remembrance of past Prophets helps in being patient over the speech of the disbelievers. (verse 17)

Select verses from the Sūra to know (learn, reflect, memorize)
1) Q 38:2 – The disbelievers indeed dwell in conceit and defiance.
2) Q 38:27 – And We did not create the heaven and the earth and what is between them in vain.
3) Q 38:29 – (It is) a Book We have revealed to you abounding in good that they may ponder over its verses, and that those endowed with understanding may be mindful.

Activities for self-study
1) What are the arguments of the disbelievers against the message of the Prophet (s) as outlined in verses 4-8?
2) Read the stories of the following Prophets and write out the points mentioned about them;
a) Prophet Dāwūd (a) – verses 17-20
b) Judgment of Prophet Dāwūd (a) – verses 21-24
c) Prophet Sulayman (a) – verses 34-40
d) Prophet Ayyub (a) – verses 41-44

Sources: Āyatullāh Nāsir Makārim Shirazi (Ed.), Tafsir Namūne; Mir Ahmed Ali, The Quran: Text, translation and commentary.

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