Day 10 – Sūrat Ta-Ha – Part 1 (verses 1-44)

Familiarization with Quranic Sūras

Month of Ramadan 1441 – Day 10

Sūrat Ta-Ha – Part 1 (verses 1-44)

Sūra Information
Sūrat Ta-Ha, No.20, Revealed in Makkah, 134 verses.
A hadith ascribed to Imam al-Sādiq (a) says: Ta-Ha is one of the names of the Prophet (s). Almost 90 verses of this Sūra discuss various aspects of the story of Prophet Mūsā (a) and his people.

Sūra Significance
Many hadith emphasize the importance of this Sūra.A hadith ascribed to the Prophet (s) says: Almighty Allah narrated this Sūra to the angels thousands of years before the human being was created. The angels said, ‘Fortunate is the nation to whom this is revealed, fortunate are the hearts that allow this in, fortunate are the tongues that recite this’.

Sūra Synopsis
1) A brief mention of the greatness of the Quran and the qualities of Allah. (verses 2-8)
2) The story of Prophet Mūsā (a) – receiving revelation, instructions for his mission, facing Fir‘awn, encounter with the magicians, the parting of the sea, and the narration of Sāmirī. (verses 9-97)
3) The Day of Judgment. (verses 98-112)
4) Shaytān, the enemy of mankind. (verses 116-128)
5) Prayers and other injunctions. (verses 129-134)

Important Messages
1) The Quran is an admonition for the one who has the fear of Allah (swt) in the heart. (verse 3)
2) The Salāt is the first and most important part of worship mentioned to Prophet Mūsā (a).
3) Be careful not to be distracted by those who do not believe and who follow their desires. (verse 16)
4) Allah (swt) chooses those who will convey His message. (verses 13 and 41)

Select verses from the Sūra to know (learn, reflect, memorize)
1) Q 20:25 – 28 My Lord! Open my chest for me. Make my task easy for me.  Remove the knots from my tongue, [so that] they may understand my speech.
2) Q 20:44 Speak to him in a soft manner; maybe he will take admonition or fear.

Activities for self-study
1) Study verses 9-44 of this sūra.
a) List the first things Allah (swt) tells Prophet Mūsā (a) – verses 12-16.
b) Why does Prophet Mūsā (a) ask for the help of his brother Hārūn (a)? See verses 32-34.
c) Allah (swt) accepts his request and reminds him of the past favours on him. What were these favors? See verses 38-40.

Sources: Āyatullāh Nāsir Makārim Shirazi (Ed.), Tafsir Namūne; Mir Ahmed Ali, The Quran: Text, Translation and Commentary.

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