ALI 646: Man and Ma‘ād.

The course will attempt to explain the relationship between man and the Hereafter, while showing the apparent existence of the realities of the Hereafter in this world. The general content of this course is based on series of lectures delivered by Āyatullāh Mujtaba Tehrani, later published in a 30-volume work. The classes will inshāAllah make the participants aware the consequences of their daily actions.

Schedule: Three sessions on Oct 29, Nov 5 and Nov 12, 2022 from 8 – 9:30 pm

Instructor: Sayyid Kamil Kazmi

Venue: Online Via Zoom

Fees: CAD 30.00. 80% of the fees will be refunded to those who maintain regular attendance and active participation.

Eligibility: All Muslims, ages 16 and over.


UPDATE: This course has now been updated to be offered online via Zoom.

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