ALI-588: ‘Ālam al-Dharr (The World of Pre-existence)

The concept of ‘alam al-dharr often raises more questions than answers. What is the relationship between this world and our current state in this world? Was there a world preceding this world, and why do we have no recollection of it? Muslim scholars and commentators have proposed multiple interpretations to the reality of the primal covenant. Together we will study the verses, traditions, and interpretations of various Muslim scholars.

Instructor: Sh. Murtaza Bachoo

Dates: 2 Fridays, Feb 12 and 19, 2021

Timings: 10-11 am Vancouver; 1-2 pm Toronto; 6-7 pm UK; 9-10 pm East Africa.


Session One slides – ALI 588 The World of Pre-Existence _1

Session One recording –

Session Two slides – ALI 588 The World of Pre-Existence _2

Session Two recording –

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