ALI-583: Spiritual Guidance from the life of Bibi Fatima (a) – for women only

Bibi Fatima (a) embodied a spiritual personality, showing believers how females can attain cultivate spirituality in their lives and attain higher levels of transcendent reality. This course will focus on the teachings and examples of this great lady.

Instructor: Sr Tahera Kassamali

Dates: 2 Tuesdays, Jan 12 and 19, 2021

Timings: 8-9 am Vancouver, 11 am-12 noon Toronto, 4- 5 pm UK, 7-8 pm East Africa


Session One slides – Spirituality of Bibi Fatima -1

Session One Recording –

Session Two slides – ALI 583- Spirituality of Bibi Fatima – 2

Session Two recording –