ALI-579: Quran Appreciation ages 10-12 years (for Europe and Africa)

Quran Appreciation classes offer child-friendly and inspirational Quran learning for children. The present course will cover Sūrat Anbiyā verses 78-82 and Sūrat Saba’ verses 12-14. Students will learn about the story of Prophet Dawood (a) and Prophet Sulaymān (a) and acquire practical lessons in self growth and relationship building. Interactive sessions will involve debates, kahoot games and mind explorer techniques.

Instructor: Sr. Mariam Hassam
Dates:  8 Fridays; Jan 8 – Feb 26, 2021
Timing: 5-6 pm UK, 8-9 pm East Africa, 9-10 pm UAE
Fees: CAD 35.00
(PS: The price shown above is only eligible for on-time registration. Any registration after the course has started will be charged CAD 40.00)

Notes and Course Material

Fall 2020: The Story of Talut and Jalut →

Winter 2021: The Story of Prophet Sulayman (a) →