ALI-337: Intro to Five Quranic Suras al-Baqarah to al- An‘aam

Muslims worldwide have close attachment to the Holy Quran. They recite, quote, study and display Quranic verses in their daily life. To have a simple and quick introduction to Quranic sūras can quest the spiritual thirst for all Muslims. In this online course, the participants will learn introduction to five long Quranic surah, its history, its asbāb nuzūl, and its contents. There will be a discursive, guided navigation through each sūra and through its contents.

  • Instructor: Sayyid Sameer Ali
  • Schedule: Five Sundays, Jan 3 to Jan 31, 2016 from 8 – 9 pm; Toronto/NY time.

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Session 1 – Surah BaqaraSession 2 – Surah BaqaraSession 3 – Surah Aal ‘ImranSession 4 – Surah Al Nisa

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