ALI-122: Ibadah in Nahjul Balagha

The Nahjul Balagha takes an enlightened view of worship. After the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (‘s), it is the main source of inspiration towards worship in the Islamic tradition. Imam Ali (a) describes the levels of Ibadah, the various approaches of people towards Ibadah, the night vigils of the Pious, the spiritual experiences of the Abid, the purging of sins, and the idea of Ibadah as a moral remedy for society.

These issues will be analyzed in this course. We will refer to excerpts from sermons and letters of Nahjul Balagha, as well as some of the sayings of Imam Ali (a). Cross references from Qur’anic verses and other Hadith will also be used.

The course will have two sessions and is open for ladies ages 16 and over.

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