Winter 2020: Mu’min of Āli Fir‘awn – The Story of Hizqīl

Course Outline

Theme: Mu’min of Āli Fir‘awn – The Story of Hizqīl


  • Session One (Jan 10th) – Sūrat al-Mu’min, verse 28. Introducing Mu’min of Āli Fir‘awn. Hizqīl s opening statement to Fir’awn and his people
  • Session Two (Jan 17th) – Sūrat al-Mu’min, verses 29-31. Reminder of the fleeting nature of this world. Who truly possesses the power? Examples
    from people in the past
  • Session Three (Jan 24th) – Sūrat al-Mu’min, verses 32-33. Reminder of the Day of Judgement. Regretting when it’s too late
  • Session Four (Jan 31st) – Sūrat al-Mu’min, verses 34-35. Doubts.
    Disputing the communication of Allah. Resisting Change
  • Session Five (Feb 7th) – Sūrat al-Mu’min, verses 36-37. Fir‘awn’s arrogant aspirations. Justifying wrong actions. Stubbornness. Conspiracies in the answers of Fir‘awn..
  • Session Six (Feb 14th) – Sūrat al-Mu’min, verses 38-39. Countering
    conspiracies. Choosing between the temporary versus permanent abode.
  • Session Seven (Feb 21st) – Sūrat al-Mu’min, verses 40-41. Recompense of evil and good. Salvation versus Destruction. Making smart choices.
  • Session Eight (Feb 28th) – Sūrat al-Mu’min, verses 42-43. Inviting towards evil versus inviting towards good. Consequences.
  • Session Nine (Mar 6th) – Sūrat al-Mu’min, verses 44-45. Entrusting affairs to Allah. Degrees of Trust and Reliance on Allah.
  • Session Ten (Mar 13th) – Review/game

Cross reference verses from other Sūras on the same topics will also be discussed.

Contemporary topics that could be discussed

  1. Making Smart Choices
  2. Factors that affect decisions
  3. Decision Making
  4. Recognizing roadblocks on the path of decision making
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Active Listening
  7. Levels of Listening
  8. Critical/Reflective Thinking
  9. Seeking Wise Advice
  10. Being open to Change for the Better.

Each session will include a reading of verses in Arabic and English, an explanation, and its commentary. Cross reference to other verses of the Quran on the same theme may also be explored.


Surat al-Mumin, verses 36-37

Surat al-Mumin, verses 38-39

Surat al-Mumin, verses 40-41

Dua ya Daimal Fadhl

Surat al-Mumin, verses 42-43

Surat al-Mumin, verses 44-45