Summer 2020: Story of The People of Saba

Course Outline

Theme: Story of The People of Saba


  • 1st Session – Introductions/Importance of stories in the Quran/Begin
  • 2nd Session – Introduction to the Story of the People of Saba – Sura Saba
    Verse 15 (God’s Earth – a blessing for mankind, Green Deen)
  • 3rd Session – Sura Saba Verse 16-17: The consequences of ingratitude
    (Preserving the Earth, ecological footprint)
  • 4th Session –Sura Saba Verse 18: A prosperous land, an ideal geographical
    location (Identifying the blessings of our hometown and our role in
    preserving them)
  • 5th Session –Sura Saba Verse 19: The selfish demands (Envying
    others/Monopolizing land and economy)
  • 6th Session – Sura Saba Verse 20-21: Shaytan’s challenge proven true by the
    actions of the people of Saba (Building strong forts against Shaytan)

Related Topics: 

  1. Ingratitude
  2. Environment
  3. Traveling
  4. Shaytan

Each session will include a reading of verses in Arabic and English, an explanation, and its commentary. Cross reference to other verses of the Quran on the same theme may also be explored.

Cross-reference Verses: 

  1. 2:11,60,205
  2. 11:61
  3. 25:63
  4. 28:77
  5. 31:18
  6. 30:41

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The people of Saba – Introduction

Surat Saba, verse 15

Surat Saba, verses 16-17

Surat Saba, verse 18

Surat Saba, verse 19

Surat Saba, verses 20-21