Alhamdu lillāh, the Academy for Learning Islam has been publishing Quranic Reflections every Friday for over 12 years. It reaches about 3,000 subscribers worldwide. A few of them have kindly sent their feedback which can be read at

Beginning February 2023, the Academy is seeking sponsorship of $200.00/publication for the weekly Quranic Reflection. We will InshāAllah recognize the businesses, organizations or individuals who support these efforts at the end of each Reflection. 

Individuals can submit a maximum of three names of marhūmīn and readers will be requested to recite Surat al-Fatiha for isal-e thawāb of the marhūmīn. Mu’minīn can participate in this noble cause by contributing at or by e-transferring to [email protected]. Canadian Residents will receive Tax receipts for their donation.