Reflection No. 66 on Q 6:162 – My prayers, my sacrifice, my life

اِنَّ صَلوتِي وَ نُسُكِي وَ مَحْيَايَ وَ مَمَاتِي لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِيْنَ

My prayers, my sacrifice, my life and my death, are for Allah the Lord of the worlds.
Sura al-An’am, verse 162


This statement was made by the Holy Prophet (s) to declare his complete sincerity. All he did was only for Allah. He did not need anything the people could give him, for his focus and goal was to please his Lord.


To live for God, and God alone, adds a beauty to life that no worldly circumstance can tarnish. The believer who lives for God is unaffected by outside circumstances. Nothing can rattle the inner peace and calmness he feels from the strong connection to God. Although it may seem almost unattainable, this type of tranquility comes slowly through constant practice and reminders.


Living for God makes life in this world worth living. It adds zest to life, as each day is a new chance to better yourself and make the Lord happy with you. It stimulates movement towards perfection, in all aspects of life, for you want to return to God having perfected yourself as much as possible.


Living for God makes death a reunion to look forward to. Apprehension may be a part of it, but because the focus of the journey was always the Lord, the destination when it looms is a relief. It is the moment you have been waiting for all throughout life.


Make this verse your daily motto. Recite it every day, and pledge your life to God. It will give you inner peace and help you handle life with a strength you didn’t know you had.