Reflection No. 65 on Q 37:99 – My Lord Will Guide Me

اِنِّي ذَاهِبٌ اِلى رِبِّي سَيَهْدِيْنِي

I am going towards my Lord, He will guide me.
Sura as-Saffat, verse 99


This verse is the statement of Nabi Ibrahim (a) after he emerged from the fire, safe and unhurt.  He is going to migrate to another place, and tells the people that I am going towards my Lord who will guide me.


What does it mean to go to my Lord, when God does not have a place? The answer lies in the understanding that going towards God is a spiritual journey. It means:

– leaving a polluted place for a pure place.

– going to a place where you can be alone with Allah

– seeking a place away from people to beseech God for one’s wishes (that is what Nabi Ibrahim does in the next verse)

– distancing yourself emotionally from all that is other than God.

– directing yourself towards God, with your mind (intentions), body (actions), and heart (emotions).


All of us are travelers towards the Lord. Life is a journey, and each breath of life takes us one step closer to the ultimate destination, where we will be united with the Creator who sent us to this world. It can be an amazing return, a reunion with the Beloved, if only we prepare for it with care.


Recite this verse to remind yourself that you are on a journey towards God.  You have a path to walk on, and if others don’t want to come with you, you will still have to continue traveling.  You cannot change directions once you have realized the truth and seen the light. If you walk on the path towards God, He will guide you and make the path easier for you.