Reflection No. 59 on Q 28:76-81 – The Story of Qarun

Surely Qaroun was of the people of Musa, but he rebelled against them, and We had given him of the treasures, so much so that his hoards of wealth would certainly weigh down a company of men possessed of great strength.
When his people said to him: Do not exult, surely Allah does not love the exultant;
And seek by means of what Allah has given you the future abode, and do not neglect your portion of this world, and do good (to others) as Allah has done good to you, and do not seek to make mischief in the land, surely Allah does not love the mischief-makers.
He said: I have been given this only on account of the knowledge I have. Did he not know that Allah had destroyed before him of the generations those who were mightier in strength than he and greater in assemblage? And the guilty shall not be asked about their faults.
So he went forth to his people in his finery. Those who desire this world’s life said:
O would that we had the like of what Qarun is given;
most surely he is possessed of mighty good fortune.
And those who were given the knowledge said: Woe to you! Allah’s reward is better for him who believes and does good, and none is made to receive this except the patient.
Thus We made the earth to swallow up him and his abode; so he had no body of helpers to assist him against Allah nor was he of those who can defend themselves.

(Holy Qur’an, al-Qasas, 28:76-81)

Questions for Reflection

  1. How would you describe Qarun? Write four different adjectives for him.
  2. Draw some clothes and items that you think was used by Qarun when he went in front of people
  3. People reacted differently to Qarun. How did each group respond to what Qarun did?
    1. First group:
    2. Second group:
    3. What lessons does the story of Qarun have for us?